Alcohol & drug policy

Employees of Internationella Cityordonnansen AB and all of its suppliers must be committed to not having any alcohol or drugs in their systems while on duty, both in the vehicle and in the company’s offices. Employees, customers, others on the road and people in general must always feel safe and secure when they see us on the road.

Internationella Cityordonnansen AB requires that all employees and suppliers completely abstain from the use of narcotics at work as well as in their free time. All handling and consumption of narcotics that are not prescribed by a doctor is criminal activity and is not accepted in any way in the workplace.

All employees have a common commitment to strive for a good working environment with no alcohol or drugs.

Anti-Corruption Policy

City Ordonnansen follows Sida's definition of corruption: "Abuse of trust, power or position for improper gain. Corruption includes, inter alia, bribes, corruption - including bribery of foreign officials - blackmail, conflict of interest and nepotism "

• City Ordonnansen does not allow under any circumstances giving or acceptance of a bribe. If in doubt about a gift or benefit is considered a bribe, the matter shall be decided by the management.
• City Ordonnansen does not under any circumstances work with companies or individuals involved in corruption offenses.
• All extortion or attempted the same shall be reported to the police.
• City Ordonnansen follows Swedish laws and regulations.

Action plan for corruption offenses
All employees are encouraged to report any doubts or discrepancies. City Ordonnansen is working to allow anonymous reporting.
On suspicion of a corruption offense is dealt with by management in cooperation with the company's lawyer and the relevant authority.
City Ordonnansen is working so that the company's employees, customers and suppliers should know and respect our anti-corruption policy.

Environmental policy

Internationella Cityordonnansen offers national and international express delivery. Our main environmental impact comes from transport and we regard it as a matter of course and our duty to actively work to reduce the impact we produce. We do this by striving for joint transport, good planning and vehicle selection. We see environmental legislation and other requirements as minimum requirements.
We prevent environmental impact by developing the company and its employees to stay at the forefront of our services.

Traffic safety policy

Internationella City Ordonnansen AB shall work to set an example in traffic and work to a high and long-term level achieved in road safety. We have a zero-vision concerning incidents on the road. This will be achieved by:

  • following the speed limits and driving according to the current road conditions
  • always being free from the influence of alcohol and other drugs while on duty
  • always wearing seat belts
  • maintaining safe distances from other vehicles in traffic
  • respecting and following regulations for driving and resting time
  • ensuring that goods are securely lashed in place
  • minimising the use of telephones while driving and always using hands-free equipment
  • routinely inspecting the vehicle and pointing out any problems to the dispatcher
  • showing judgement and consideration towards others on the road
  • always doing everything possible to relieve stress in all parts of the company
  • making the same demands of our partners as we make of ourselves
  • being individually responsible for safety in our own fields of activity and continually working to improve traffic safety
  • respecting and following the company’s traffic safety policy

Quality policy

Internationella City Ordonnansen AB offers national and international express delivery. Key words for the business are high availability, good service, short lead times and delivery reliability.

We achieve this through good planning, flexibility, compliance, the right fleet of vehicles, and competent and committed employees.

We constantly develop the company and employees to stay at the forefront of our services.

Equality Policy

International Cityordonnansen AB shall be a workplace where all employees shall have equal rights and obligations. Working conditions, wages and opportunities for development should not depend on gender, sexual orientation, or origin.

It is in our interest to work for diversity and utilize the employees' different experiences, characteristics and knowledge. In doing so, we create a creative, evolving work environment that increases the conditions for achieving optimal results.

Our ability to create an equal work environment is of great importance as it means that we are perceived as an attractive and safe workplace which gives good confidence in our operations from employees, customers and the general public.

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