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Gender Equality Policy

International Cityordonnansen AB strives to be a workplace where all employees have equal rights and responsibilities. We value equal conditions regarding employment, wages, and opportunities for development, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or origin.

We view diversity as an asset and aim to harness employees' diverse experiences, characteristics, and knowledge. By creating a creative and nurturing work environment, we enhance the possibilities of achieving optimal results.

We believe it is of great importance to promote a gender-equal work environment. This creates an attractive and secure workplace and contributes to maintaining a strong trust in our business among employees, customers, and the public.

By actively working for gender equality and non-discrimination, International Cityordonnansen AB strives to be a role model in gender equality matters and to contribute to a more inclusive work culture. We commit to continuously assess and improve our gender equality policy to ensure that we achieve our goals and create a work environment where everyone feels respected and treated equally.

This gender equality policy is a guideline for all employees and is expected to be adhered to throughout our operations.

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