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Anti-Corruption Policy


City Ordonnansen adheres to Sida's definition of corruption: "The abuse of trust, power, or position for undue gain. Corruption includes, among other things, bribery, extortion, nepotism, and corruption of foreign officials."

Basic Principles

  • City Ordonnansen does not, under any circumstances, permit the giving or receiving of bribes. In case of uncertainty regarding whether a gift or benefit constitutes a bribe, the matter shall be determined by the company's management.

  • City Ordonnansen does not, under any circumstances, engage in business with companies or individuals involved in corrupt activities.

  • All instances of extortion or attempted extortion shall be reported to the police.

  • City Ordonnansen complies with Swedish laws and regulations.

Action Plan for Cases of Corruption

All employees are encouraged to report any suspicions or deviations. City Ordonnansen works to enable anonymous reporting.

In cases of suspected corruption, the matter is handled by the company's management in collaboration with the company's legal counsel and the relevant authorities.

City Ordonnansen strives to ensure that the company's employees, customers, and suppliers are aware of and adhere to our anti-corruption policy.

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