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Sustainability Policy

International Cityordonnansen AB is continuously committed to sustainability across all aspects of our operations, whether it involves optimizing transportation, modernizing our vehicle fleet, or promoting fair working conditions and waste management in the office. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a better and more sustainable world while creating added value for our customers beyond our services.

Our ambition is to offer industry-leading services to our customers on time and in the right place while actively seeking to minimize our environmental impact. To achieve this, we work with advanced route planning, a flexible organization, and co-loading solutions. We have a dedicated staff who are conscious of quality and environmental issues and understand our company's ecological footprint. We also set high sustainability standards for our partners and subcontractors. We adhere to applicable legislation and regulations in the sustainability field and continually strive to improve our sustainability performance across all aspects of our operations. Every year, we compile an environmental report in which we identify key sustainability factors in society and establish ambitious sustainability goals that we work hard to exceed.

International Cityordonnansen AB is committed to promoting a sustainable future, and we aim to be leaders in the field of sustainability. Through our sustainability efforts, we not only aim to do business but also to make a difference and contribute to a positive change in society.

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