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Work Environment Policy

Internationella City Ordonnansen AB is committed to providing its employees with a good work environment from both physical, mental, and social perspectives. The company's employees should be well-informed about the work environment policy and understand the importance of everyone within the company having a fundamental responsibility for the work environment. Furthermore, the work environment should be viewed as an ongoing process that is an integral part of regular operations, where everyone understands their tasks and roles. This process needs to be continually investigated and monitored so that the company can actively improve the work environment and prevent risks at all levels.

  • In all respects, comply with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other applicable regulations.

  • Set requirements and take responsibility for ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety within their work area and initiate continuous improvements in the working environment.

  • Work to prevent harassment/discriminatory actions in the workplace.

  • Any deviations from the occupational health and safety policy should be addressed in accordance with the reporting of deviations and improvements, and necessary documents shall be prepared.


  • Continuously monitor work injury trends, staff turnover, and sick leave to be able to take necessary actions for increased safety and well-being in the workplace when needed.

  • Occupational health and safety work should be conducted both in the short and long term. When changes occur within the organization, the working environment should be considered and be an important part of decision-making.

  • Ensure that the necessary resources and authorities are delegated to carry out the measures required to fulfill the commitments in the occupational health and safety policy.

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